Tungsten Alloy Spheres

What is a tungsten alloy sphere?

Firstly, a sphere is a ball shaped with a band around the diameter of one axis. And a tungsten sphere is a kind of tungsten alloy product which has a band around the diameter of one axis; however a ball has no band and is perfectly round on all axes.

Properties of tungsten alloy spheres

Tungsten alloy sphere comes from the family of tungsten alloy products. It shares the same properties of tungsten alloy products such as high density, incredible strength, consistent durability and long-lasting value. Besides, our tungsten spheres are fully sintered solids. These are spherical-shaped, ball-like solids with a parallel band around one axis of the diameter. The diameter of this band is identical to the ball's diameter and is an essential part of the manufacturing process.

Applications of tungsten alloy spheres

Our tungsten alloy spheres are mainly applied in various areas such as fishing weight, military defense (armor piercing) and racing car etc.

Tungsten spheres we offer

We offer any type of tungsten alloy spheres — be it of a PM process, PIM (powder injection molding), MIM (metal injection molding), tungsten casting or cut and formed — we do it all. We can use any alloy, produce products in rough or fully-machined condition, and can work to the toughest specifications and tightest tolerances.

tungsten alloy sphere tungsten alloy sphere tungsten alloy sphere
Tungsten alloy sphere Tungsten alloy sphere in pieces Tungsten alloy spheres

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