Tungsten Alloy Sphere for Counterweights

tungsten alloy spheres for counterweights picture

Due to its special properties, tungsten heavy alloy Sphere could be used in the counterweight of gunshot, fishing weight, counterweights, etc.Chinatungsten has a abundant experience in manufacturing and offering tungsten alloy Sphere counterweights to different overseas customers or manufacturers. We have offer a buck quantity tungsten alloy Sphere for counterweight to our customers.By their own, our client designs and machines the bricks into the integrated tungsten counterweight parts with tungsten alloy pins' connecting function. If you are the yacht producer, if you are in need of tungsten alloy counterweight, just feel free to contact our sales team.

Tungsten Heavy Alloy Sphere Aerospace Counterweight

With many advantages over conventional balance materials such as steel or lead, tungsten alloy counterweights are often used in flight control systems to optimize the performance of flight control surfaces, such as rudders, elevators and ailerons. And helicopter rotor blades demand perfect balance, so tungsten heavy alloy can be utilized in Rotor Blades to compensate for any imbalances built into individual blades during the manufacturing process such as helicopter balance.

Tungsten alloy counterweight is used to counterbalance an opposing mass in a linear or rotary motion system, allowing movement with lower driving forces. Tungsten alloy counterweight is designed for aircraft control surfaces, aircraft rotor blades, guidance platforms, and vibration dampeninggovernors.Take vibration dampening governor for instance, tungsten alloy counterweight is used to reduce vibrations in rotating systems such as automobile tires. The vibration is measured without any weights and the heavy spot is determined. Tungsten alloy counterweight is then placed opposite this heavy spot to balance the load and reduce or eliminate the vibration. Moreover, tungsten heavy alloy is used in satellites.

Tungsten Heavy Alloy Sphere boat Counterweight

The invention provides a hull external-hanging type anti-storm tungsten alloy compensating counterweight for a sailing boat. The compensating counterweight body is made from high gravity tungsten alloy, wherein weight of briquette tungsten alloy is between 0.02 and 9.3 tons; and the weight of sphere tungsten alloy is between 0.0 and 2.0 tons. The streamline type compensating counterweight comprises a streamline type briquette metal inlaid core, wherein the core is inlaid with a plurality of tungsten alloy sections in longitudinal axis direction; each tungsten alloy section is inlaid with a plurality of tungsten alloy briquettes; the inlaying mode of each tungsten alloy briquette adopts a connection mode by tenon and mortise inserting; the inlaying mode of each tungsten alloy section adopts the connection mode by bolt blocking and/or the connection mode by tenon and mortise inserting; contact surfaces of two adjacent tungsten alloy sections are provided with a machining groove respectively, and are coated with metal general-purpose adhesive for adhering; the surface of the briquette metal inlaid core is coated with a tungsten alloy sphere layer consisting of a plurality of tungsten alloy Sphere, and a carbon fiber layer from the inside to the outside. The tungsten alloy compensating counterweight has a simple structure, and is convenient for manufacture; the tungsten alloy briquettes have excellent connecting effect, so that global impact resistance of the compensating counterweight is ensured; the compensating counterweight can resist great storms on the sea, and keep the sailing boat steady without damage.